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Writers Block

I’ve always pictured myself writing.  Ever since i was about 10 years old I would write journals and journals of random things.  Diaries, made up stories from my day dreams or what i thought the future would look like, at one point I was so dramatic I would write the most heart wrenching poems about love and how sad I was to have lost the love of my life after we moved to the states….did I mention I was 10? (reading them back a couple years ago made me laugh so hard…. I always was a tad bit emotional and over dramatic.)  But I grew out of that and began to love to write, always getting the best grades in English and writing the most interesting personal stories, although go figure,
I always hated the mundane essay topics picked out for us.  I went as far as writing a 120 page book that, to this day, cant get myself to have published because it was about my life growing up and very personal things I lived through.  I’ve realized that i may never have the courage to publish it, but at the time I wrote it, it definitely brought a lot of peace and closure to be able to let go of the past and be able to move on.

That was in 2014,  December of 2015 I met the man I now call my husband and love of my life and we’ve been together ever since, but my writing definitely got put on the back burner… till now.  Ever since I decided to start a blog the idea of writing has been bringing me so much joy.  Getting to share my life with complete and total strangers felt like it would be weird and scary when I thought about it at first, but then I realized… what have I got to lose? If people don’t like it so be it, but the amount of joy its been bringing me is indescribable, so here I am, sitting at my computer on a Saturday evening, enjoying my glass of wine and writing for you with a smile so I hope you like it.

So the first thing I decided to write about is my crazy interesting life growing up and why I am so in love with traveling and exploring.

I was born in Ukraine, Vinnitsia in January of 1990… (and even that was an interesting story.  According to my mom, I was supposed to pop out December 1989 while my parents were traveling around Europe, which at the time they were in former Yugoslavia.  At that time trying to travel through countries wasn’t as easily accessible as today so this would have allowed a way for my family open access to Europe since i would have been a legal citizen if I popped out in Yugoslavia… apparently though, I had plans of my own so I hung out in the oven for a bit longer ;).)  We grew up in a faith based baptist Christian family.  My father a choir director, and my mother a piano teacher/singer.  They loved serving in church and loved going on missions together.  In 1993 my father took a trip with a kids camp as the music director to Germany and long story short, met the most wonderful people we soon would call Oma and Opa (grandma and grandpa… one of the many.)  They had met my father and loved him so much that they decided to extend an invitation to him and his family to come live in Germany with their help, and that’s what happened.  In 1994 we moved to Germany to start our new lives.  We lived in Germany for almost 2 years, but a wild 2 years I will never forget.  Through some unfortunate events, and jealousy of people that were supposed to help us with translating, our documents didn’t get approved for us to become permanent residents and so, we had to fly back to Ukraine.  Germany left such a great impact in my young heart though.  To this day, its been one of my favorite countries ive ever had the privilege to live in make life long memories.  Yes, i have gone back to visit a couple times, and had the privilege to see “our family” and friends we made long time ago and practice the little of German that was left in me.

Moving back Ukraine was very difficult.  We had hopes and dreams of a better life in Europe, but I guess God had bigger plans for us.  You have to understand one thing, we weren’t rich, nor well of, nor was my father or mother from a rich family, they just felt led by God to travel the world and see its beauty, and He always provided and opened doors where He saw fit, (I guess Germany wasn’t a long stay for us and that’s what was meant to happen.)  We moved back to Ukraine and lived with my aunt and her family in a 2 bedroom apartment in a 5 floor walk up… yes, on the 5th floor (did i mention there was 11 people in a 250-350 sq.ft space? fun times 🙂 haha)  For 6 months they prayed and asked God to show them where He wanted out family to go, and one day my mom came up on a letter from an old school mate of hers who was living in Argentina at the time, and they Heard Gods calling that that was where He wanted us, so we scrapped all the money we had and bough one way tickets to Argentina for our whole family, dad, mom, 3 boys and me, and summer of 1996 we moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Argentina was even more difficult then my parents could have imagined, but their faith never dwindled, and we stayed living in Argentina for almost 4 years, and gaining a new member to our clan, my little baby sister Karolinka.  Life in Argentina was the most difficult thing we all had to live through, but as always God never stopped showing His love and always provided in the most trying of times.  Shortly after my little sister was born in 1998, we decided that it was time to either move back home to Ukraine, or somewhere else because, there was just no means to an end in a very poor country like Argentina.  So my parents started scrapping and asking our church in Ukraine to help, and by January of 2000, we were on our way back to Ukraine, (passing by might I add) because we needed to make our new passports to come permanently live in the United States of America.  And not a long 6 months later, August of 2000 we arrived to Portland Oregon, and have lived across the bridge in Vancouver Washington ever since (with a long so long 3.5 years i northern California).

My whole upbringing instilled adventure and learning in me.  All I knew growing up was moving and traveling, and no matter the hardships, I always knew God was there for our family.  When I grew up, my passion for travel had grown so much that the first chance I got, I booked a One way ticket to Europe and went and toured for three months sight seeing, learning, meeting new people and appreciating everything I have.  My passion and love for travel has never dwindled since.  I’ve had the privilege to explore around 25+ countries so far, and have yet to stop.  What i have learned from my years as an adult and getting to travel on my own for many years was that It has taught me so much about who I am as a person. What i would like to instill in my children one day, and most importantly to be grateful for the life I have the privilege of living today.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment, like and share my blog.

4 thoughts on “Writers Block

  1. Beautiful. I really enjoyed reading this. You should give more thought into publishing your book. I’m sure it would speak to others and help others connect to you 🙂

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