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Back in Paradise

I cannot express in words how good it felt to finally be on a plane!!! 2020 put quite a damper in my traveling plans, so when we finally got the green light to be able to travel again, you bet yourself that we booked the closest flight out and it was one of the most needed, and most amazing vacations we have taken in a long time.

Mexico has been our favorite annual trip that we take. Its got everything to offer. From beautiful beaches, to amazing resorts, incredible cenotes to hike to, and super cool parks to enjoy. And we got to finally do it all on this trip. One thing you have to know about us, we are very homey people. We both enjoy the simple things in life, and as much as I love the idea of someone serving me food, or being able to wake up and go downstairs to find several restaurants ready to feed you, I also love the idea of having our own apartment for our duration, and making some of our own meals, and being part of the community and finding the local spots, and taking public transportation. I know, not everyone is in to that kind of traveling, and that’s ok- to each their own. But I would personally rather enjoy doing some day trips to the super ritzy resorts on a day pass, (that I wouldn’t be able to afford for a whole week) then be stuck to just one place for the week or so I’m there. And speaking of day passes… Our favorite has been the Family all-inclusive resort in Florida | Club Med Sandpiper Bay pass. You basically get to stay there the whole day, enjoy drinks by the pool, stuff yourself with incredible food at any of their 4 restaurants, and have fun exploring the huge territory they have to offer, with 2 incredible pools, and 10-15 different activities. And the best part- its all only $70 dollars for the day (per person)! Our favorite activities have been sailing on the hobby cats, wind surfing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, playing beach volleyball, and lounging by the pool. Other activities included are, tennis, wake boarding, water skiing, beach exercise, trapeze, bow and arrow, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a couple, but if that doesn’t make you want to book your next flight to Cancun, then hopefully the drool worthy pictures help.

When it comes to stays, our favorite way to travel has been to use Vacation Rentals, Homes, Experiences & Places – Airbnb. You can always find great places in Mexico, and at very good rates. We like to make sure there’s a rooftop pool with a beautiful view, and a kitchen for all our cooking needs. So if you’re like me, make sure to put down your filters, and you’ll be able to narrow down from the searches to find your perfect stay. This time we decided to stay in Playa Del Carmen. We were about 4 blocks from the main street which is 5th Ave. And we also had access to close by public busses, kombis (which are more of a metro bus that go to more specific areas) and of course taxis for last resort. One of the reasons we love coming to Mexico and immersing ourselves into the local culture is because both my husband and i speak Spanish, which makes it so much easier to get around. So of course we enjoy feeling part of the life there, even if it is just for a week. And the prices of doing “the local way” are out of this world. You can find amazing street tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and tortes for about $1-2 dollars for 3-4 tacos, and so on. Also bus fares are about 50-75 C (USD) and the kombis that will go to more specific areas like the resort parts, and more specific parts of the city, are about $2 (per ride).

One of our favorite things we got to do on this trip was visit Cancún Parks | Xcaret Park Official Website. Xcaret is an amazing water park, and its HUGE! Its got many parks within the park, so we decided to do the one that had all the caves and zip lines, and i truly cant express to you how amazing this park was! It offers over 3 miles of zip lines through out the park, underground caves, and lots and lots of great pools to dip into. Also provided is a buffet of lots of food options, and different cafes and smoothie bars along the park. The cost of the park pass is anywhere from $99-$140 (USD per person) depending on which park you go to, and there is also a discount if you chose to buy 2 parks together (which is something to consider if you want the chance to explore more options). One other must visit place when in Cancun is the Alux Restaurant, Playa del Carmen, México. If you’re like me and love caves, this beautiful restaurant is a must to go to for a special date night. and the pictures wont do justice to how incredible it is.

I know you must be wondering about safety considering the world we are living in today, and i have to say, that I didn’t feel any less safe in Mexico then i do here in Oregon. Everywhere you go, workers and staff wore their masks. Things are sanitized before new people touch them, and you’re recommended to wear your mask when you’re nearby people and don’t have a chance to distance the recommended 6 ft. Also, restaurant are very clean and make sure to have you wear your mask when not sitting at your table. Overall, we felt very safe on this trip and look forward to coming back.

A couple last things to mention, Mexico does not require a covid test to enter. But as of Jan 15th, laws are that to come back to the states you have to get a negative covid test. So that’s something to keep in mind. Also, if you’re like me, and are attached to your phone for pictures and updating friends on your travels, there are great deals through your carrier. I have Verizon, and i pay $5 a month to have unlimited calls and texts, and a GB of internet when I’m there. Just don’t be like me, and don’t drown your phone in the salty ocean ;).

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