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Canadian Anniversary Trip

       If you’re like me, every time you go to a new place you want to explore everything cool and fun, so we did just that on this trip.  This was our one year anniversary so hubby and I decided to take a long weekend and spend it in Victoria BC, and boy were we pleased with the trip.  One of the first things we did was explore the harbor and take loads and loads of pictures of all the beautiful architecture and the harbor.  We also got to enjoy some great food at a few wonderfully suggested restaurants which I will tell you about in a bit.  One of our favorite parts of the trip by far though was the Whale trip we got to take with Orca Spirit Adventure, definitely a highlight to have seen orcas and humpbacks in the wild!

I was really looking forward to this trip, so a month in advance I looked up a lot of things we both loved and were excited to do and see and one of them was to go on an Orca sight seeing trip.  We ended up seeing a pod of about 5-7 orcas, and later on we also got to see 2 humpbacks in their natural habitat! Possibly the highlight of the trip for sure.  Hubby loves the water, and nature in general, so getting to see the beautiful glaciers in the background as we adventured on the water looking for whales was amazing, but then finding those whales, was the best feeling.  If your every planing to go, definitely check out and for a great deal, find their and go on an adventure. They have a very educated great team that shared alot of great information with us, and left us very pleased with the trip.

A few of the other things we checked out were the Marinas Restaurant on the east harb



or, and Johns Place for brunch, and i couldn’t be more excited about these two places.  Johns Place we visited for brunch on a weekend, so of course it was bustling and loud, which is an attraction all in itself for me.  Seeing the local places and having the added bonus of great food is my favorite and i would give them a solid 5 stars. Amazing food, great service and such a fun atmosphere.  Marinas restaurant was our anniversary dinner spot, and oh my word, possibly some of the best seafood iv’e tried in a long time.  When I made reservations on open table, I wrote in the notes that this dinner was our one year anniversary, and when we can in and were seated, we were promptly greeted with 2 glasses of champagne on the house which made it for a wonderful start to the evening.  We were later suggested with some wonderful food options, which we both loved, and the evening ended with a complementary desert that had “Happy Anniversary” written in chocolate on the place.  Overall we were very happy with the service and the beautiful ambiance, and the killer views of the harbor, that it made the romantic dinner that much more amazing.  So thank you Marinas Restaurant for all your great service.

We also got to enjoy a beautiful hike out to the Gold stream Trestle, which had some killer views and was a stunning hike.  You can see my pictures here If and when you go, this hike is a must.

My favorite part of the trip though was our beautiful airbnb that we used for a few nights.  We had an amazing experience and left with nothing but great things to say about it. We love traveling, and out go to has always been Airbnb, because we always find great places, for amazing deals, and you can find whatever budget fits you, and whatever type of home your looking for.  If you haven’t tried them yet, check out my link and sign up for a $40 credit towards your first stay!

To sum it up, Canada was definitely one of our favorite trips we took together, and we are looking forward to coming back and exploring some more.  If you have anymore questions about what to do in Victoria, write me a comment and ill reply with more ideas that we didn’t get to in this trip, but are excited to come back for. Safe travels.



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