This is 29!

This is going to be the start of something new and exciting.  Lots of plans started for 2019 and moving along with them! But what i’m most excited for is continuing this tradition of going away on our birthdays.  You see, a couple years ago my husband told me about how for his birthday his tradition has been to go away fishing for at least a long weekend, and or a whole week if work allows.  So i thought to myself, i need a birthday tradition too, and what better then to be up in the mountains, exploring, enjoying a cabin with a hot tub, and some fun snowboarding, so that’s exactly what we did.


You’ve heard me talk about Airbnb a few times here on the blog on and my SoMe channels, and i’m going to continue to share about them.  Airbnb has allowed us to book so crazy beautiful entire homes with full kitchens, hot tubs and all kinds of other amenities…. like the saying goes in Russian, “for your money, well provide everything you fancy” haha.  But jokes aside, its true.  Airbnb has you covered with great places to stay, awesome hosts, and lots of fun amenities- just search more in detail what you’re looking for, and you’re bound to find some great places to stay.  Anyway, so we rented a cabin in the woods about a 20 minute drive to the mountain and snow which was great.  We had a ton of room for us and our best friends, a fun Jacuzzi we could use in the evenings after the snow, and a great fully stalked kitchen with all your essential needs.

Some of my favorite things are hiking and spending time with my friends and or family, and mini getaways.  And i got that all in one package!  We got to go on a fun hike around trillium lake in the snow and even stand on the frozen lake… which by the way, bucket list check! If you are in the Oregon area, trillium lake is a must visit, i cant wait for spring and to do some shots of the milky way over the beautiful mt.hood! We wore ourselves out for sure on that 6 miles around the loop, and enjoyed a little picnic we brought so we could regain our strengths.  And on the last day of the trip, we went up to Meadows ski resort and got to snowboard! What an incredibly beautiful weekend we lucked out with, blue skies, green luscious trees, and the gorgeous white mountain. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures of our place and our trip.

P.S. If you haven’t tried airbnb yet, click my link and be directed straight to it with a $40 on me off your first stay!

Check out our pretty cool cabin, (and totally forgot to take a picture of the backyard, but it had a great seating area, a grill and my most favorite, a hot tub!





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