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Is Sustainability the New Way of Wine

Have you ever thought about how much waste wine bottles produce? And now with 2020 having showns us a trick or two about all of the things we buy, that are now being shipped to our homes (with all the extra boxes, and packaging material,) we are officially putting 2-3 times more waste, and carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Thats where Nomen wines comes in. They are a sustainable wine brand under the Distaff Wine company that has made it their mission to cut down our carbon footprint, and im happy to be a supporter of this great cause. Granted, when i heard of the wine bottles and the idea, i was definitely thrown off at first. Wine in non-glass bottles? Really? But when i had the chance to taste them, my mind officially changed. As a lover of travel, every trip I take, I always pack wine with me, or bring some back from where ever i come back from. But the idea of taking up 20+ pounds of my suitcase space to bring 4-5 bottles of a trip, really doesnt sit well with me. It makes me have to rethink everything i want to pack on my trip, and lets be honest, us ladys travel with a crap ton of stuff, so having to think twice about what i want to pack has not been my favorite. But knowing that there is a brand that makes wines that are easy to travel with, and that take up a 4th of the space in my luggage, now i can get behind that trend. You see, Nomen wines are sold in bottles made from polyethylene terephthalate, better known by the acronym PET. The wines are meant to be enjoyed upon arrival. And afterward, the bottles, shipping materials, and even the tape, are recyclable. And for all of you eco-friendly and sustainable minded folks, this would be very much up your ally.

But back to the wines. I was very pleasently surprised that the taste of the wines did not lose their integrity do to being in a PET bottle. In fact, they were all very tasty. My favorite being the Rose of Syrah, and the Cabernet Sauvignion. Nomen wines produce 4 wines at this moment, a Rose of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignion, Malbec and Sauvignion Blanc. All wines are produced from grapes grown in the Columbia Valey AVA on the Washington side (and if you’ve ever had a chance to taste anything from Columbia valley, that should already give you some insight about the great product these women are producing.) A few other things about the brand are that, do too the bottles being PET, they are able to cut down on prices per bottle, and have free shipping available (on 4+ bottles). Nomen wines will appeal to those looking for a fun, moderately priced and sustainable product.

Check out for more information, prices and new things they are working on. And go to the WineCrush podcast Wine Crush Podcast – Stories Uncorked – Wine Crush Podcast, to hear more about them and support a wine working towards a better world for tomorrow.

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